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He was the great leader of the India independence movement who struggled a lot for the freedom of India.

All we have to do is to start looking for things in people to appreciate them. This movement was successful. He could not continue his life after the independence of India in as he was assassinated by one of the Hindu activists, Nathuram Godse in on 30th of January.

These movements led by Mahatma Gandhi were completely Non-violent and did not use any weapon. Role of Non-violence in Indian Freedom Struggle The role of non-violence in the Indian freedom struggle became prominent after the involvement of Mahatma Gandhi.

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She is also regarded as the most controversial political leader of the country for her unprecedented decision of imposing "a state of emergency".

Without imagination, the leader is incapable of meeting emergencies, and of creating plans by which to guide his followers effectively. The person who controls self rules others.

A leader who can satisfy this need will have no difficulty in influencing people, and getting done the job in hand. Very soon, you will notice the other individuals paying attention to your needs and doing things automatically the way you would like them to be done.

In this context the Andhra leaders prepared to convince the Telangana leaders and peoples by providing written safeguards and guarantees to Telangana people. He is the real father of our nation who really used his all power to make us free from the British rule.

Nehru was one of the architects who had the opportunity to steer the newly freed-nation. What Gandhiji did for India Gandhiji began the civil disobedience movement against the British Government. Gandhiji was the greatest national leader of India.

He brought common people in front to participate in the national movement and inspired them to fight for their true freedom. Hence the Congress leaders from the region had strong ties with the national leaders. But non-violence was a protest which was done in a very peaceful manner and was a great way to demand for the complete independence.

While addressing letters, you must spell the name and initials correctly and include the full decoration, if any. He is still remembered between us for his great works and major virtues such as non-violence, truth, love and fraternity.

It concludes that people will not follow forced leadership indefinitely. It was difficult to oppose him. For becoming a good leader one needs to poses leadership qualities. What is more, the smile has a way of influencing your mental attitude.

Gokhale was a senior leader of the Indian National Congress. Champaran and Kheda Agitations In the farmers of Champaran were forced by the Britishers to grow indigo and again sell them at very cheap fixed prices. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the pioneer personalities to practice non-violence.

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He put stress on the local sanitary work. He faced many difficulties in his life but continued walking as a great leader. The successful leader must plan his work and work his plan. Indians denied working for the Britishers and withdrew themselves from the British schools, civil services, government jobs etc.

He was a very simple person who worked to remove the colour barrier and caste barrier. So, he is revered as the father of the nation. That means, of course, that he must acquire the habit of relegating details to capable lieutenants.

If it is artificial, if it is only put on for the occasion, very soon it will fade away from your face. National leaders like Dadabhai Naoroji, Surendranath Banerjee, Tilak, Gandhiji and Nehru accepted that India was not yet a fully structured nation but a nation-in-the-making, and that one of the major objectives and functions of the movement was to promote the growing unity of the Indian people through a common struggle against colonialism.

Great Indian Leaders A nation is inspired by the thoughts and actions of its leaders, both political and spiritual. This section tells you about their lives, struggles and thoughts.

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To understand the significance of Telangana movement for statehood, this chapter intends to analyze its historical background of the region in three phases.

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Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao - Writer of the National Pledge (India),written in Telugu first,later translated to other Indian languages. Tanguturi Prakasam; Arutla Ramchandra Reddy - Indian freedom fighter & Telangana movement leader from Nalgonda; Potu Narsimha Reddy - Social Reformer, Satyagraha Movement leader from Adilabad.

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National leaders essays in telugu
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